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Tamara Monroe

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Tamara Monroe was successfully thriving in a traditional marketing role but decided to give all that up to follow her dreams. Tamara owns and runs Lovebird Donuts with her husband Ryan, a vegan donut and coffee shop in Maine.

Lovebirds Donuts is an all-vegan and sustainably minded shop dedicated to offering real, scratch-made food and organic coffee.


Instagram: @lovebirdsdonuts

Facebook: LovebirdsDonuts

Founded in 2019, Mainely Mutts Animal Rescue is a non-profit, all-breed, all-volunteer rescue organization based in southern Maine. We are dedicated to rescuing dogs from southern states, as they struggle with overpopulation, abuse, neglect, and difficult legislative practices.

Sustainable Seacoast uses the collective voice of our members to encourage restaurants to work with us to eliminate single-use plastic and improve sustainability. We provide educational opportunities and organize community events where restaurants and members can collaborate, create solutions, and take action to eliminate single-use plastic.

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