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Jennifer Calabria | Vegan Chef

Show Notes for Plant Your Seed Podcast: Episode with Jennifer Calabria

In this episode of Plant Your Seed Podcast, we sit down with Jennifer Calabria, who shares her transformative journey from a traditional diet to adopting a fully plant-based lifestyle. Jennifer recounts her health scare that prompted her dietary shift, her challenges with quitting smoking, cheese, and alcohol simultaneously, and how she's now influencing the culinary world, including her involvement with a steakhouse that introduced vegan options.

What You'll Learn:

  • Jennifer’s Vegan Transition: Hear about Jennifer's transition to a plant-based diet, what triggered it, and her initial feelings during a difficult hospitalization.

  • Embracing a Vegan Lifestyle: Learn about the significant lifestyle changes Jennifer made and how she managed the transition.

  • Challenges and Overcoming Them: Discover the struggles Jennifer faced when quitting smoking, cheese, and drinking all at once and how she coped.

  • Advice for New Vegans: Jennifer shares valuable tips for those starting on a plant-based path.

  • Health and Wellness Improvements: Insights into the positive changes Jennifer experienced in her health and well-being after going vegan.

  • Evolving Perspectives: How Jennifer's views have shifted since becoming vegan.

  • Educational Resources: The role of documentaries in Jennifer's vegan education.

  • Impact on Personal Relationships: Effects of Jennifer's vegan lifestyle on her family and social connections.

  • Addressing Misconceptions: Strategies Jennifer uses to respond to common misconceptions about veganism.

  • Professional Integration: Jennifer discusses her involvement in developing a vegan menu at a steakhouse and its reception.

  • Culinary Innovations: Insights into why chefs might resist vegan options and the importance of texture in vegan food.

  • Staff Training: How Jennifer helped train staff to be knowledgeable about vegan menu items.

  • Career Transformation: The courage behind Jennifer's decision to change her career path towards veganism.

  • Current Excitements: What's currently thrilling Jennifer in her vegan culinary projects.


  • 0:55 - Transition to Plant-Based Diet

  • 2:18 -  Hospitalization Experience

  • 3:49 - The Change to Veganism

  • 6:23 -  Dealing with the Vegan Transition

  • 7:24 -  Quitting Smoking, Cheese, and Drinking

  • 8:25 -  Advice for New Vegans

  • 9:03 -  Health Improvements

  • 9:42 -  Change in Perspective

  • 11:16 -  Watching Documentaries

  • 15:35 - Family and Social Life Impact

  • 17:27 -  Responding to Misconceptions

  • 18:45 - Vegan Menu at Steakhouse

  • 23:53 - Chef’s Views on Vegan Items

  • 27:23 - Vegan Menu Items

  • 29:49 - Importance of Texture in Vegan Food

  • 31:38 - Training Staff on Vegan Menu

  • 33:50 - Courage for Career Change

  • 34:50 - Exciting Current Projects

  • 35:41 - Resources for Starting Vegan

  • 36:59 - Contacting Jennifer Calabria

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