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The person behind Plant Your Seed!

I’m Fred and have been in the television sports industry for the last 30 years. Traveling and living a fast-paced lifestyle, I found myself at 50 years old like most Americans overweight and unhappy. This automatically triggered the 9-year-old little boy in me that lost his overweight, type 2 diabetes father to cancer at only 54 years old.

I knew I needed to do something about my eating habits and lifestyle to be there for my children. I wanted to watch them grow up, walk them down the aisle, have grandchildren, etc.  I didn’t want my children to live through the heartache I lived through.

I pledged to change my diet. I started researching different diets and watching documentaries about food and the history of food. The more I watched the more I found that a whole food plant-based diet was the best thing for me, not only to lose weight but to be healthy and live a long life. I transitioned to a plant-based diet in 2013.

I couldn’t believe that in the first month, I lost 20 lbs! People started asking if I was sick because I was losing so much weight. I would say “No I just changed my diet and I feel great!”

Ten years later, I find myself feeling better than I did when I was in my 30s. I hope to inspire you through my guest stories and my own journey to remind you that changing the way you eat can transform your life. 

I don’t think it’s important how, when, or why you start,
It’s never too late to Plant Your Seed!    


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