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Susan Klingenberg: Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary

Susan Klingenberg is the founder and president of Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary.

In 2017, Susan made a bucket list, which included saving a life at a livestock auction. The life that was saved was a one-day-old baby calf who she named Bucket. Just being ripped from his mom, Susan became his new mom and he befriended her dog Colton. Watching Bucket and Colton interact everyday, Susan saw that Bucket was no different than Colton. A grass puppy.

Bucket wanted to be loved, he wanted to give his love, he wanted to run and play, take naps, and have chin scratches just like Colton. Bucket inspired Susan to make her dream of a sanctuary happen so that she could save as many lives as possible just like Bucket's and she wanted to be able to show the public a side of farm animals that most people never get to see, all in the hopes that they will make that connection and want to go vegan for the animals.


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