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Steven Seighman: The Nut-Free Vegan

Steven Seighman is a plant-based food photographer and founder of the website The Nut-Free Vegan. He is a ten-year vegan and lifelong food allergy sufferer.

Steven believes in enacting change through positivity. So he figured that he could help to save animals by sharing recipes that are just as enticing as those with meat and dairy in them. If people could find food that is just as good without harming animals, why wouldn’t they take that option? He also wanted to provide a resource for people who live a vegan lifestyle—or might be considering it—but need to keep tree nuts off their plates. It can be difficult to track down recipes like these online since things like cashews and almonds are great sources of protein for meat- and dairy-free diets.

Another aspect of The Nut-Free Vegan, which aligns with his belief in change through positivity, is his support of animal sanctuaries. He is a member of several of these organizations around America and donates 50% of all of his ad revenue from his site to support these causes.


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