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Stevan Mirkovich: CRO and Owner of Planted Expo

Stevan Mirkovich is the CRO and Owner of Planted Expo, a trade show, platform, and network to connect Canadians to local vegan and plant-based businesses offering new, innovative, and inspiring products, services, and practices.

The Planted website is a great educational resource offering online courses, make sure to check out their chats section where you will find the latest from leading voices in the plant-based movement.

Be sure to head along to one of their upcoming trade shows where you will find over 200 vegan edible and lifestyle businesses and a great lineup of leading plant-based speakers from around the world.

Plant Expo show dates : Toronto: April 29 - 30 Vancouver: May 27 - 28


Things mentioned in the podcast:

Instagram: @plantedexpo


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