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Ralph Montague: Longevity Coach and Author

Ralph Montague is a longevity coach from Monmouthshire, Great Britain. He focuses on sleep and energy mastery. His passion for longevity evolved from working within the anti-aging industry for over twenty years. His first book within the STOP!! Series, is aptly named STOP!! Killing yourself – The Beginners Guide to Living Longer by Removing and Improving, encouraging readers to maximize their longevity with easy-to-follow guidance, checklists, and prompts is out now! Ralph also has just finished his next project; Sleep Mastery courses, helping individuals and companies achieve rested and rejuvenating sleep habits. He plans to have a series of books dedicated to longevity, sleep, and energy with simplistic, no-nonsense advice, for minimal fuss and maximum results.


Things mentioned in the podcast:

Instagram: @ralphymontague


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