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Michelle Cehn: Founder of World of Vegan

Michelle Cehn is the founder of the popular vegan food and lifestyle website World of Vegan, co-host of The Plant-Powered People Podcast, and the creative force behind @Vegan on Instagram, where she has brought together a plant-passionate community over one million strong. Michelle is also the author of The Friendly Vegan Cookbook, and a speaker, writer, filmmaker, YouTube personality, and mama on a mission to create a better future for our world.

About World of Vegan

World of Vegan is a food and lifestyle website making vegan living fun, delicious, easy, and accessible to all. With vibrant social media channels and over 1 million Instagram followers, World of Vegan reaches the community with a positive, welcoming, friendly vibe and provides resources, guides, and tools to help you learn, evolve, eat incredible food, and live your best life.


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