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Manu Ndo: Vegan Triathlete

Manu Ndo is a French triathlete who is working on accomplishing an Ironman. An Ironman is a triathlon race that consists of a 2.4 mile swim (3.9K), a 112 mile bike (180.2K), and a 26.2-mile run (42.2K). He is against cruelty and animal abuse, which is why he is vegan and why he tries to spread the word that we can live our best life without hurting any other earthlings. He believes you absolutely can be vegan and be in top shape. Doing the triathlon has been challenging for him because he hasn’t always been athletic. Before becoming vegan, he was 110 lbs (50 kg) heavier. His weight loss is the result of a healthy lifestyle and triathlon training that he enjoys sharing on social media.


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