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Jessica Karwat | Vegan Health Coach for Women

Show Notes for Plant Your Seed Podcast: Episode with Jessica Karwat

Welcome to an insightful episode of the Plant Your Seed Podcast, featuring the dynamic Jessica Karwat, a renowned Health Coach for Women, Vegan Nutritionist, TEDx Speaker, and Reiki Healer. Jessica shares her transformative journey and provides valuable insights into holistic health and vegan nutrition.

What You'll Learn:

  • The inspiration behind Jessica’s transition to a plant-based diet.

  • The obstacles she faced while switching to veganism and how she overcame them.

  • An intimate look at Jessica’s struggle with an eating disorder and her path to recovery.

  • Practical advice for those considering a plant-based lifestyle.

  • The story of Jessica’s entrepreneurial journey and the bravery behind starting her business.

  • Unique challenges women face in losing weight, especially on a plant-based diet.

  • The relationship between food, menstrual cycles, and weight loss.

  • Jessica’s passion for women’s health, veganism, and why it matters.

  • How to connect with Jessica and follow her work for more insights and guidance.


  • 00:55 - Jessica’s Motivation for Plant-Based Diet

  • 10:44 - Challenges in Transitioning to Veganism

  • 19:10 - Jessica’s Personal Battle with an Eating Disorder

  • 23:20 - Top Tips for Adopting a Plant-Based Diet

  • 32:05 - The Courage to Start Her Business

  • 36:54 - Women’s Weight Loss Challenges on a Plant-Based Diet

  • 39:56 - Syncing Food with Menstrual Cycle for Weight Loss

  • 49:25 - Jessica's Passion for Women's Health and Veganism

  • 56:01 - Connecting with Jessica Karwat

Resources & Links:

Connect with Jessica:

  • Instagram: @iamjessicakarwat

Thank you for tuning into this powerful episode with Jessica Karwat. Her journey and dedication to improving women’s health through plant-based nutrition are truly inspirational. Whether you’re new to veganism or looking to deepen your understanding of holistic health, Jessica’s insights offer something for everyone.

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Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and practical advice aimed at fostering a healthier, more compassionate world.

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