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Areina Plowden | The Vegan Foode

Show Notes for Plant Your Seed Podcast: Episode with Areina Plowden


Welcome to a flavorful episode of the Plant Your Seed Podcast featuring Areina Plowden, affectionately known as @theveganfoodie on Instagram. Joining us from the historic and vibrant city of Istanbul, Turkey, Areina shares her enriching journey as a vegan expat. Through her adventures, she has mastered the art of navigating cultural challenges, sourcing vegan ingredients, and adapting traditional recipes for a plant-based lifestyle, all while documenting her remarkable journey towards health and wellness.

What You'll Learn:

  • Areina’s Journey to Veganism: Discover the motivations behind her transition to a plant-based diet and the health benefits she has experienced.

  • Navigating Veganism Abroad: Insights into how Areina sources vegan ingredients and adapts traditional recipes in a non-vegan country.

  • Overcoming Challenges: Areina discusses the hurdles of maintaining a vegan lifestyle in a new culture and her strategies for overcoming them.

  • Cultural Integration and Veganism: Learn how Areina has embraced the local culture while adhering to her vegan values.


  • 0:53 - Transition to a Plant-Based Diet

  • 2:40 - Changes in Health and Wellbeing

  • 3:36 - Motivation for Veganism

  • 5:19 - Perspective Shifts After Going Vegan

  • 6:23 - Challenges of a Vegan Transition

  • 7:18 - Family and Social Life Dynamics

  • 8:11 - Hesitations Before Going Vegan

  • 9:24 - Responding to Vegan Misconceptions

  • 10:18 - Decision to Become an Expat

  • 11:33 - Expat Challenges

  • 15:30 - Enjoying Life Abroad

  • 17:43 - Favorite Vegan-Friendly Country

  • 19:48 - Courage to Live Abroad

  • 21:39 - Exciting Developments in Vegan Lifestyle

  • 23:11 - Tips for Vegan Expats

  • 27:03 - Resources for Starting a Plant-Based Diet

  • 28:11 - Favorite Plant-Based Meals

Resources & Links:

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Stay tuned for more episodes that bring stories of transformation, wellness, and sustainability from around the globe.

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