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Iye Bako | Iye Loves Life

Show Notes for Plant Your Seed Podcast: Iye Bako | Iye Loves Life

Welcome to another compelling episode of the Plant Your Seed Podcast. This time, we are joined by the inspiring Iye Bako, a passionate advocate for veganism, social justice, beauty and wellness. With her roots in Nigeria and her life now in the United States, Iye shares her unique journey and how it has shaped her mission today.

What You'll Learn:

  • Iye's motivations for adopting a plant-based lifestyle and the impact it's had on her life.

  • The challenges and rewards that came with transitioning to a vegan diet.

  • The deeper meanings and personal convictions that resonate with Iye about veganism.

  • How Iye's journey into activism began and its connection to her vegan lifestyle.

  • The inspiration behind her influential Instagram page, Iye Loves Life.

  • Strategies for making the vegan movement more inclusive, especially for people of color.

  • Iye’s passionate reasons for her vegan advocacy.

  • Exciting updates and ventures in Iye’s life.

  • Tips and advice for maintaining a plant-based lifestyle.

  • How listeners can connect with Iye and follow her journey.


00:54 - Introduction to Iye's vegan journey

4:41 - Personal changes from adopting a plant-based diet6:40 - Overcoming struggles in transitioning to veganism

9:42 - Deep dive into Iye's connection with veganism

12:11 - Iye's entry into activism

17:01 - The story behind Iye Loves Life Instagram

19:32 - Discussing diversity in the vegan community

20:42 - Iye's fervent belief in veganism

26:02 - What's new and exciting in Iye’s life

26:53 - Iye’s top tips for sticking to a vegan diet

30:47 - How to stay connected with Iye

Resources Mentioned:

Iye Loves Life Instagram: @iyeloveslife

Connect with Iye:

Follow Iye on Instagram: @IyeLovesLife

Thank you for joining us for this enlightening conversation with Iye Bako. If you’re looking to blend veganism with activism or simply seeking to live a life aligned with compassion and wellness, Iye’s story is sure to inspire.

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Tune in next time for more inspiring stories and practical advice aimed at fostering a healthier, more compassionate world.

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