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Guy Vaknin: Renowned Plant-Based Chef

Guy Vaknin is a renowned chef famous for his innovative plant-based creations. After serving in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), Vaknin moved to New York in 2005 to study computer engineering. But he quickly realized that his calling was in the food industry. Chef Vaknin then enrolled in the Institute of Culinary Education. Upon graduating in 2007, he became the Executive Chef at Esprit Events, an established kosher catering company in Manhattan. In this role, he met his future wife and co-founder Tali. Together, they developed their signature vegan sushi and the Beyond Sushi brand was born.

He is the founder and owner of City Roots Hospitality, New York City’s leading vegan restaurant group, which includes Beyond Sushi, Willow, and his latest vegan restaurant, Coletta.


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