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Glen John Jones

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Glen John Jones is a personal trainer and the author of Think and Grow Vegan - a book about how to gradually adopt a plant-based diet in five stages. Glen was an avid meat eater who changed to a plant-based diet when he started concentrating on endurance sports.

He is based in South London and is the co-founder of the boutique fitness studio, Studio 234.


Instagram: @glenjohnjones

Thinking about reducing your meat intake or moving towards a plant-based diet? In this book, discover how to make the transition from meat eater to plant-based gradually.

Glen John Jones is a Personal Trainer who spent 27 years of his life as an avid meat eater, then suddenly felt the urge to stop eating meat. Despite concerns and being scared to change at first, he could no longer fight his gut feeling. Fast forward six months and all animal products were off the menu. What's more, Glen felt better than ever, and the transition was smoother than he expected.

In Think and Grow Vegan, Glen reveals his journey from meat-eater to vegan through five stages: reduce, pescatarian, vegetarian, mostly vegan, and vegan. He also shines a light on common misconceptions about food, with easy-to-digest summaries of up-to-date research. His honest account will act as a guide for you if you decide to make the transition from any of these stages.

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