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Erin and Dusty Stanczyk: Founders of EatMoveRest

Erin & Dusty Stanczyk are certified health & lifestyle coaches and creators of the lifestyle brand and website, Together with their two children, Max and Liv, and their Bernese Mountain Dog, Beau, they inspire and empower others to get back to the basics, by doing the 3 things we all do every day... eat, move, and rest!

You can find the plant-powered family of four blending, juicing, and chopping on Instagram @ErinStanczyk, @DBStanczyk, @EatMoveRest, and on the EatMoveRest YouTube channel. In their free time, they enjoy photography and videography, traveling, and hosting local dinner gatherings, demos, and workshops. The family also hosts plant-based wellness retreats around the world, where they get to connect with many of their online friends and followers. Join them in their new private online community, the EatMoveRest Club, to gain access to their meal planner & recipe app, entire ebook collection, exclusive Facebook group, weekly livestream Q&As, and more!


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