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Dr Mari Mitrani

Show Notes for Plant Your Seed Podcast: Episode with Dr. Mari Mitrani

In this episode of Plant Your Seed Podcast, we're joined by Dr. Mari Mitrani, a physician-scientist and co-founder of Gattaca Genomics. With a passion for regenerative medicine and a vegan lifestyle, Dr. Mitrani shares her journey and insights into the world of preventive health and the power of plant-based living.

What You'll Learn:

  • Dr. Mitrani's transition to a vegan lifestyle and the motivations behind her choice.

  • The supportive role her family played in her vegan journey.

  • Advice for those curious about starting a plant-based diet.

  • The challenges Dr. Mitrani faced early in her vegan journey and how she overcame them.

  • How she addresses curiosity about her plant-based diet and educates others.

  • The importance of the motto "Dare to Fail" in Dr. Mitrani's personal and professional life.

  • Leading by example to help others understand cognitive dissonance regarding diet and lifestyle.

  • Dr. Mitrani's involvement in projects like Slay, They Are Trying To Kill Us, and Christspiracy.

  • The particular resonance of veganism with women and Dr. Mitrani's perspective on this connection.

  • The impact of being a vegan scientist-physician on Dr. Mitrani's life and career.

  • Dr. Mitrani's passion for regenerative medicine and its future.

  • Observations on the trend of doctors adopting plant-based diets and the responses from the medical community.

  • Dr. Mitrani's experiences with pushback regarding her child's vegan diet and navigating those conversations.

  • Recommended resources for those interested in exploring a plant-based diet.

  • Insights into maintaining physical fitness and understanding one's body on a vegan diet.

  • Strategies for staying committed to a plant-based diet amidst a busy schedule.

  • Exciting developments in Dr. Mitrani's practice and what she looks forward to.


  • 1:07 - Vegan Diet Transition

  • 3:42 - Family Support for Veganism

  • 4:49 - Beginning a Plant-Based Lifestyle

  • 5:49 - Initial Struggles with Veganism

  • 7:02 - Educating Others About Vegan Diet

  • 8:00 - "Dare to Fail" Philosophy

  • 9:03 - Leading by Example

  • 10:34 - Involvement in Vegan Projects

  • 14:32 - Veganism's Appeal to Women

  • 15:23 - Veganism in Science and Medicine

  • 16:24 - Love for Regenerative Medicine

  • 17:43 - Doctors Going Plant-Based

  • 20:05 - Navigating Pushback

  • 21:09 - Resources for Starting Vegan

  • 22:52 - Veganism and Physical Fitness

  • 24:13 - Staying Vegan While Busy

  • 25:34 - Excitement in Practice

  • 28:03 - Contacting Dr. Mitrani

Resources & Links:

Dr. Mari Mitrani's story is a fascinating blend of scientific rigor and compassionate living, demonstrating that health and wellness thrive on a foundation of plant-based nutrition and preventive care.

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