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Is exercise the new four-letter word?

man with kids at sunset on beach

What if “exercise” was easier? Would we do it?

Of course, we would. We wouldn’t have to “workout”? Exactly.

Exercise… Hate it? Love it?

Either way, we all need to do it to be healthy. We all know that it’s good for us to exercise.

So why don’t we?

The word “exercise” can have a bad connotation for some people. The time, the effort, the expense, etc, etc, etc… right?

Let’s break it down… What is exercise?

Exercise in its basic form is movement. Movement of the body. Whether you are talking about the Peloton Interactive bike (an amazing workout bike), running, or lifting weights. It’s all just movement. Let's take that a step further, shall we?

The word that needs to change is the word “exercise”.

If we change the word “exercise” to “movement” all of a sudden it opens up a world of possibilities.

Do you mean exercise is really just movement? Yes!

So… taking my dog for a walk counts? Yes!

So… taking the stairs at work counts? Certainly!

So… playing with my kids counts? Definitely!

Now all of a sudden it’s easier to “get a workout” in, right?

Park the car further away when we go shopping, ride our bike to the store or town, do something because it all counts!

Before we know it we will be getting more “exercise” and feeling great about it!

Movement is the new exercise!

What is your favorite way to move?

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