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Robin Birdsong

Robin lost her beautiful little boy, Danny, to SIDS in 2007. She fell into a depression so deep she couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t function. Her 10-year relationship with her fiancé, Danny’s father, fell apart. She lost everything, including the will to live. Then finally one night after months of despair she googled “bereaved mother” to find help. What popped up was totally unexpected, and altered the course of her life completely... This is a powerful episode and a reminder that our deepest grief can also become our greatest ally and gift. Our suffering can help us become more empathetic and deepen our resolve to help others. Out of the darkest days of our life may come a spark of light that reveals truths that were hidden or we were blind to before. Pain can propel us towards living a life with more meaning and purpose.


Things mentioned in the podcast: Videos: Ronnie the Donkey This is WOR! Women Of Rescue


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